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"Hey guys! just a little bit about myself, 

I'm 21 years old, from Melbourne, Australia and have been surrounded by cars ever since i was born, driving my passion in all things automotive! 

'Dazz Designs' is a business i started in 2013 when i was in highschool, which started off as drawing cars as a hobby for as long as i can remember, with my dream job aspiring to be a car designer.

While in highschool i also found a passion for photography, particularly taking photos of cars!

After having a strong passion in automotive art and photography i decided to take on a visual arts course (cert IV in visual arts) and use Dazz Designs as a way to make some money coming out of highschool, with most of my commissions coming from social media and word of mouth.

From there i found cleaning my car a lot of fun and had a lot of people ask me to wash theirs as well, which led me to get into car detailing and from that 'Dazz The Detailer' became a thing!

posting my work on social media led to many opportunities and the guys at Pristine Panel And Restoration caught on, offering me an internship to further my skills in the automotive trade, broadening the horizons, which is a small business im proud to be a part of today!

Dazz Designs is now a bit of everything automotive; art, detailing, photography and sub contracting to other businesses to learn and develop new skills!

And Theres plenty more to come!

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